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breakthrough innovation for dermatology skin ablation with key advantages over current methods:

  • Tests with an existing prototype show an effective and low pain treatment with concomitant antiinfective cooling of wound
  • Very easy and safe use, also by non medical personnel and cost competitive.

coolPen addresses indications with high market potential such as the treatment of scars, removal of tattoos, seborrheic keratosis (age related skin lesions), actinic keratosis (skin cancers) and wound care.

Device engineering and development plans towards approvals and mass production were developed with Seleon GmbH, a global leader in Medtech engineering (clients: GE Medical, Draeger, Zeiss, Fresenius).

The Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU, school of dermatology) in Munich headed by Prof. Dr. Thomas Ruzicka is advising through the design phase and standing by to lead the scientific board of the company and perform the necessary clinical studies.

A functional prototype has been built. IP filings are being generated, initial FTO is positive. Current plan to get coolPen approved for launch within 24 months.

The team consists of experienced Medtech entrepreneurs and clinicians with a track record for execution and market success. The inventor of the technology is actively involved in the engineering process.

With aesthetiCare GmbH founded, team built, prototype developed, IP filings being generated, the company is raising seed fund to achieve feasibility milestone within ~7 months

Meet our Team

experienced and highly motivated
Thomas Mechtersheimer

Thomas Mechtersheimer


(Passion Innovation Group, founder): Passion Innovation Group is a network of entrepreneurs and leaders driving innovation in healthcare. The focus is on execution.
(www.passioninnovation.com or www.neurocaregroup.com).
Thomas is entrepreneur at neuroCare and on the board of several companies in the medical sector

Bastian Seidel

Bastian Seidel


Mechanical Engineer with experience in consulting, project development, interim management and trading. Set up, developed and managed several engineering companies. Headed several projects in the field organizational effectiveness, innovation performance, reorganization, purchasing, manufacturing and Aftersales

Raphael Rotstein

Raphael Rotstein


Inventor and mechanical engineer. Raphael established the technology behind coolPen in Germany over 20 years ago. He was significantly responsible for the technological progress through several patent in that specific field